Get Involved

The Children’s Rights and Business Principles provide a comprehensive framework for understanding and addressing the impact of business on the rights and wellbeing of children. They aim to provide inspiration and serve as a guidepost for all businesses in their direct and indirect interactions with children – with the added value of providing a practical tool for business to take a comprehensive approach to their interactions with children, and to view children as key stakeholders.

We encourage businesses around the world to utilize the Principles, raise awareness and share their experiences in a number of ways:

  • Help Raise Awareness – Advocate for the Principles and increase awareness among employees, business partners, governments and other stakeholders. Engage with UNICEF country offices and National Committees, Save the Children chapters and Global Compact Local Networks. Reach out to other stakeholder groups including business, children, investors, civil society organizations, other initiatives on business and children, governments, labour organizations, stock exchanges and academia.
  • Commit to the Principles – Make a public commitment in your company policy.
  • Implement the Principles – Seek guidance from existing and emerging tools and corporate practices on how you can implement the Principles. Ensure that children are a key consideration of your business operations.
  • Report on Progress – Communicate your progress in respecting and supporting children’s rights by using existing or emerging reporting mechanisms, such as the UN Global Compact’s Communication on Progress (COP).
  • Promote Good Practices – Share your knowledge, experience and solutions with other companies and organizations.


For further information on ways to get involved, please email