CHILDREN’S RIGHTS AND THE POST-2015 DEVELOPMENT AGENDA AT GLOBAL COMPACT+15 (23 JUNE 2015, UN HEADQUARTERS, NEW YORK CITY) / Will there be an implementation component to the Principles? Are businesses expected to sign on to the Principles? Will there be a statement of support?

Key elements of the post-release approach include:

a. Awareness raising and outreach
The sponsoring organizations will undertake a variety of efforts, jointly and separately, through the networks and communications channels that they have available to them to raise awareness of the Principles (in all UN languages) and urge their use around the world. These efforts will seek to reach all major stakeholder groups including the business community, children, investors, civil society organizations, other initiatives on business and children, governments, labour organizations, stock exchanges, sustainability indices, international organizations and academia.

b. Tools, guidance and initiatives
The sponsoring organizations will also collect and disseminate information about tools, guidance materials and initiatives that can help business to implement the Principles. Where there are topics relevant to the issue of business and children that are not yet adequately served with tools, guidance and initiatives, the sponsoring organizations alone or in partnership with others may take action to help fill the void. In the development of such resources by or with the input of one or more of the sponsoring organizations, a high priority will be given to the involvement of business, children and civil society as appropriate. Dissemination efforts will utilize the same strategies indicated above.

c. Promoting good practices
The sponsoring organizations will also continue to collect and help disseminate examples of good corporate practice in implementing the Principles to help illustrate their universality and practicality and inspire other businesses of all sizes, sectors and locations to scale up efforts to respect and support children’s rights. Among other methods, case studies may be used to explore in greater depth the associated challenges and opportunities.

d. Direct engagement opportunities for business
Businesses of all sizes and from all sectors and geographies are encouraged to use the Principles to guide their efforts to respect and support children’s rights. During the consultation process, some participants expressed interest in the creation of a mechanism for business to be able to express their public support for the Principles, such as a statement of support. The sponsoring organizations recognize that there are a range of benefits, but also possible disadvantages and other implications, including capacity issues, that might flow from taking such a step. For these reasons, it is not planned to collect business endorsements of the Principles at this point. The sponsoring organizations will also regularly review progress and impact and give further consideration to the merits and challenges of the various models for directly engaging business on the Principles.

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