CHILDREN’S RIGHTS AND THE POST-2015 DEVELOPMENT AGENDA AT GLOBAL COMPACT+15 (23 JUNE 2015, UN HEADQUARTERS, NEW YORK CITY) / To what extent have businesses contributed to the development of the Principles and how much influence have they had in the actual drafting of the Principles?

For the Principles to be effective, the buy-in of the business community is as important as the support of children and organizations that represent their interests. Active business involvement in the development of the Principles has therefore played an integral part in the whole process.

Businesses contributed to the development of the Principles in a variety of ways, particularly through the work of the external Expert Reference Group (ERG). Half of its members represented the private sector. The ERG contributed independent feedback on the development of the Principles as well as thought leadership throughout the process. The group included individuals from a range of developed and developing countries with extensive experience in human rights, child rights, corporate responsibility, international business, international development, finance, policy and/or related issues.

In addition, businesses around the world were invited to contribute to the development of the Principles by participating in a number of regional consultations, and by sharing their input via the Business & Children Portal hosted on the website of the Business and Human Rights Resources Centre. The entire UN Global Compact network was also invited to participate.

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